Help and Support

The Oldroyd Publishing Group has been in business since 1974. One of the key factors in our longevity is our dedication to client support. We are well-known for the high level of support we provide.

If you need our help, we provide it immediately. We do NOT use a faceless help ticket system, putting your request in a queue of unknown length or duration.

You CAN speak to us by telephone. Everyone in our Web Team is trained in telephone support, so there is ALWAYS someone available to take your call and ready to help during our office hours (8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday).

Requests taken by telephone are frequently dealt with and completed during the call itself. Requests taken by email up to mid-afternoon are normally processed and completed the same day.

We follow new legal and contractual requirements specified by the NHS or the government carefully and incorporate required changes in all our websites. Our Web Team can advise how other Practices have incorporated new requirements into their sites, to save you time spent reinventing the wheel!

Support Case Study:

The GDPR implementation deadline

During the busy month of May 2018 our Web Team received 205 calls during office hours and spent, in total, 23 hours and 21 minutes giving telephone support. The average ring time for these calls before they were answered was 3 seconds, with the longest ring being 18 seconds.

In the week leading up to the GDPR deadline, our Web Team received and dealt with 402 GDPR-related emails from Practices.

All changes required for GDPR and received before the deadline were completed before the deadline.

In the weeks prior to the deadline, a number of major changes were made to help Practices and ensure the compliance of their websites. All Practices were informed of these changes in advance and were provided with a customisable document to help them with their internal GDPR documentation.

DIY or WDIFY (“We do it for you”!)

Our GP Website System makes it incredibly easy to change your own website, but if you would like us to make changes for you, we do that too!

Just let us know the changes you need, by email, telephone or even post, and we will do the rest. There is no additional charge for this - it's all part of our dedicated service.

If you are happier to make your own updates, we will set up accounts for as many named Practice staff as you require to have access. Different levels of access allow you to control who can edit the pages of your site and who can access secure form submissions (when in-house forms are used). To get you started, training manuals and guided telephone support are provided from the outset.

Above and beyond

We regularly go above and beyond the call of duty to make our GP Website clients happy. This can involve creating custom graphics, building online versions of your forms or surveys on request, adding payment options, liaising with third parties on behalf of Practices and writing custom code. We go out of our way to help.

We regularly check site content to pick up on errors or typos, and to check that images uploaded by Practices are free from potential copyright issues.

We provide advice and support on incoming NHS requirements which have implications for GP websites.

We’ll even help you to promote your website and what it can do for patients by providing free-of-charge eye-catching A3 posters which can be placed in the waiting room.