Fully Mobile-Friendly Websites

Websites are now viewed more often on mobile devices than on desktop computers. So, you have to make sure your website works just as well on mobile devices as on desktops.

Mobile-friendly sites should deliver all the site content in a way that is clear and easy to use on mobile devices. Sadly, the majority of GP Websites either do not work well on mobile devices at all or they only deliver a small amount of the site content in a mobile-friendly way.

Our GP Websites are fully 'responsive'. This means every page is built so it automatically adapts itself to display correctly on a mobile device.

If you have an existing GP website, it’s important to check it on a mobile device to discover what the majority of your visitors will be seeing.

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How will my website change when viewed on a Mobile devices?

All Of The Important Content Remains But Certain Page Elements Are Adjusted For Smaller Screens

Space is at a premium on mobiles and tablets, so certain non-essential images are automatically removed.

Mobile and tablet users need more simplified website controls (also known as the website ‘navigation’). Most of the navigation moves into a special button with a 3-line icon (often referred to as ‘the hamburger’!). This takes up much less space on-screen. The content of each page is fluid, so no page should require users to pinch, zoom or scroll horizontally in order to read.

surgery website as seen on a pc and a mobile

The same Practice Website viewed on a desktop computer and on a mobile device